With December comes the rush of joy – and of time – that accompanies the holidays. Between all of the parties, shopping, cooking and family activities, your home becomes your base of operations. It serves as a respite from the overwhelming public and as a showcase for entertainment. So how do you turn the same area into a bakery, a rest stop and a hub of socialization depending on your needs at the moment? Lighting of course. There is no better way to create the correct ambiance than using the right lighting. So, we offer three simple steps to strike the mood.

1. Dimmers: It sounds so simple — and really it is. Having your main light source on an adjustable dimmer provides you with an adaptable environment. Turn the dimmer to the brightest setting when you need good task light – such as during cooking and food preparation. Then, turn it down again when company comes over to create a comfortable interior mood. Thankfully, Troy has quite a few LED fixtures that are compatible with standard dimmers. It’s one of the simple ways we like to make your life a tad easier.


Featuring the Apogee Pendant, Equipped with Dimmers

2. Layers: We’ve talked about the ambient lighting (or main light source), but if you don’t have a dimmer, don’t fret. You can add additional task lighting, such as undercabinet lights in the kitchen to offer more visibility during your food preparations, or accent lights, like sconces, which provide a more romantic feel when you’re ready for that much needed dinner for two.


Featuring the Epic Sconce for Easy-to-Layer Looks

3. Mix and Match: Be original. Use strategically placed candles for entertaining an intimate crowd and mix those with a pendant, dimmed to a low glow. The Domain pendant is the perfect example – the candelabra center within the glass will blend perfectly. Or, light up the tree — making that the centerpiece and use accent lighting (like sconces around the fireplace) to add extra illumination.


Featuring the Domain Pendant, Great for Accenting Holiday Decor